Marispace-X Project Partners hold consortia meeting in Kiel

Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein Daniel Günther praises Marispace-X as an important impetus for the development of the maritime data economy at event in Kiel.

From 20th to 22nd September 2022 Marispace-X conducted its first physical consortia meeting in Kiel. The three days offered an excellent opportunity for intense information exchange among consortia members as well as with associated partners and project stakeholders from the Bundesnetzagentur (the Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway), eco – Association of the Internet Industry and the Gaia-X Hub Germany.

Opportunity for technical and personal exchange

Beyond an update on the project work packages the program made ample space to promote a shared understanding of Gaia-X across the audience through excellent chalk talks on dataspaces by Microsoft and on specifically the functioning of the marketplace by IONOS. This was complemented through use-case specific workshops for Offshore Wind, Munitions-In-The-Sea, Biological Climate Protection and Internet-of-Underwater-Things in small groups together with the associated partners to ensure a frank and productive atmosphere.

Live demonstration of use case Munitions-in-the-Sea

At last the meeting moved from the plenary to a live demonstration of the Marispace-X use case Munitions-In-The-Sea to the Kiel waterfront.

It was attended by the Minister-President of Land Schleswig-Holstein Daniel Günther and the State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein Julia Carstens who kindly took time out of their schedule to update themselves on the progress of the project and share their thoughts how the development of the maritime data economy will provide the basis for future digital value creation on the state, national and international level.

"I would also like to expressly thank the BMWK, which, through its support and supervision of industrial projects such as Marispace-X, is providing important impetus for the development of the maritime data economy and thus contributing the basis for future digital value creation both in Schleswig-Holstein and in Germany and at international level, according to the European rules of Gaia-X."

Minister-President Daniel Günther

Great interest from the media

The event was covered by several print and online media outlets as well as television.

Exemplary reporting by national TV channel SAT.1 can be watched here.

September 28, 2022
Climate protection
Adrian Neumann