Marispace-X at INTERGEO: Pioneering the Blue Data Economy

Strong INTERGEO performance underlined the project's commitment to revolutionide the marine industry through data-driven innovation, sustainable practices, and global collaboration.

Berlin, Germany. Marispace-X, a pioneering initiative in the realm of maritime data ecosystems, took centerstage at the prestigious INTERGEO Conference and Expo in Berlin. The event featured the project's coordinator, Jann Wendt, alongside renowned geo experts, and marked a significant milestone in the journey toward unlocking the potential of the Blue Data Economy.

On Stage on Data Spaces, Gaia-X,and Services 2.0.

At the conference, Marispace-X joined forces with industry experts to explore the multifaceted world of data spaces, Gaia-X, and Services 2.0. Jann Wendt, Marispace-X's coordinator, shared the stage with Gerd Buziek and Philipp Mitterschiffthaler in a captivating session titled "Data Spaces, Gaia-X,and Services 2.0."

Gerd Buziek initiated the session with an informative presentation, laying the groundwork by explaining the impact of the EU Data Strategy and Data Spaces on geoinformation. This set the stage for Jann Wendt to dive into the practical challenges and opportunities of building a holistic digital ocean ecosystem based on Gaia-X.

Data-driven insights empower marine sector decision-makers

Jann Wendt's presentation focused on the transformative endeavor that Marispace-X represents. He outlined how a holistic approach to marine data can revolutionise the industry by providing data-driven insights. These insights will empower decision-makers in the marine sector to navigate the oceans sustainably and facilitate seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Unleashing the #BlueDataEconomy

Ina separate panel session titled "Unleashing the #BlueDataEconomy: Navigating Opportunities and Political Strategies for Europe's Future, CEO Jann Wendt, along with Federal Maritime Coordinator Dieter Janecek and Prof. Dr. Martin Visbeck, delved into the extraordinary realm of the Blue Data Economy. This ecosystem revolves around the wealth of data generated by maritime activities, satellite imagery, and underwater sensors.

Moderated by Dimitri Ravin, the discussions revealed the immense potential for data-driven innovations, more efficient resource management, and sustainable solutions. It emphasized how businesses, governments, and academia can unite to unlock the full potential of Blue Data

Recognizing the need for strategic political initiatives, the panel addressed essential steps required to create a nurturing environment for the Blue Data Economy's growth in Germany and Europe. These steps include data privacy promotion, incentivizing investments, and empowering local industries to lead globally. The insights gained from this panel discussion offer a roadmap for policymakers in promoting the growth of the Blue Data Economy.

Data-driven innovation, sustainable practices, and global collaboration

The INTERGEO Expo and Conference left attendees equipped with fresh perspectives and a shared understanding of how the Blue Data Economy is poised to shape Europe's economic landscape. Marispace-X's participation and the contributions of Jann Wendt underscored the project's commitment to revolutionizing the marine industry through data-driven innovation, sustainable practices, and global collaboration.

About Marispace-X

Marispace-X is a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action in the context of Gaia-X. The aim is to build a maritime data ecosystem that allows stakeholders from businesses, science, authorities and NGOs to securely manage, distribute and analyse the data obtained via and from the sea on the basis of European standards and values and to gain new insights and develop new innovative solutions and services in the future.


With the development of this digital ecosystem of the oceans, the project consortium addresses several important challenges of this decade, such as climate change, marine conservation and digital transformation through numerous practical use cases, including offshore wind, biological climate protection, ammunition in the sea, the Internet of Underwater Things and the protection of critical infrastructure.


The project consortium is led by cloud geodata specialist GmbH and cloud provider IONOS. In addition, it comprises consortium partners the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research (IGD), the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Stackable GmbH, Kiel University and Rostock University. The involvement of numerous other international associated partners and maritime stakeholders ensures application-oriented development in all areas.

October 11, 2023
Adrian J Neumann