Marispace-X: The digitalization of the maritime domaine

Gaia-X project is featured in the IT-BUSINESS Podcast

For their latest episode of the IT BUSINESS Podcast, Sarah Böttcher and Ann-Marie Struck take a look at the goals and the use cases of the Marispace-X project.

The starting signal for Marispace-X was given on 24 February 2022. The project, which is part of the European initiative Gaia-X, aims to contribute to the digitalisation of the ocean and thus stop climate change, accelerate wind power development and clear old munitions from the sea more quickly. To this end, a maritime cloud-native data format is to be jointly developed that will allow stakeholders from business, science, public authorities and NGOs to securely manage, share and analyse the data obtained about and from the sea on the basis of European standards and values and to gain new insights and develop innovative solutions and services from this in the future.

The IT-BUSINESS Podcast talked to the initiator and coordinator, the Kiel-based company, and the project manager, the cloud provider IONOS, about Marispace-X. In the podcast CEO Jann Wendt provides deeper insights into the goals and challenges of Marispace-X while Rainer Sträter, Head of Digital Ecosystems at IONOS, gives an understanding of the different use cases, but also explains the role of the cloud provider within the project.

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April 1, 2022
Climate Protection
Adrian Neumann