Hannover Messe 2023: Federal Minister Habeck visits Marispace-X booth

Vice Chancellor Habeck received a progress update of Europe's largest commercial maritime digitisation project and the innovative power of the maritime sector.

Hanover, Germany. The Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economics and Climate Action, Dr Robert Habeck, visited the Marispace-X stand on 18 April during his tour of the Hannover Messe to find out about the progress of Europe's largest commercial maritime digitisation project and the innovative power of the maritime sector.

Habeck was welcomed by Jann Wendt (36), CEO of Kiel-based software developer and coordinator of Marispace-X, and Dr Maria Barros Weiss, VP of Digital Ecosystems Solutions at cloud provider IONOS. "After your decisive support of the project as a sponsor," said Wendt in his welcome address, "we are very pleased to be able to present you with the first results of our maritime digitalisation project Made in Germany". Wendt gave the Minister a live demonstration of a future cloud solution for a secure and integrated maritime data space and presented concrete maritime use cases, including the integration of autonomous systems in Marispace-X and their importance for the protection of critical infrastructures at sea. Mr Wendt emphasised the importance of the ability to integrate live data into Marispace-X.

To illustrate the "munitions in the sea" use case, a mass spectrometer in a measuring buoy was shown on the stand, which will make it possible in future to continuously take water samples from the sea, analyse them on site and check them for contamination.

The collected data can be uploaded directly into the Marispace-X data space, aggregated with other sensor data and visualised directly, for example as a decision-making aid for future clearance decisions. In addition to gaining new insights, this approach will also save a lot of time and money compared to previous measurement methods, explains Wendt, an environmental geographer.

Live monitoring data of munition dump sites can be uploaded directly into the Marispace-X data space

In the 'Biological Climate Protection' use case, led by the University of Kiel, Marispace-X will enable the fusion and analysis of large amounts of different sensor data in the secure cloud to determine the optimal conditions for the targeted planting of seagrass meadows off the German coast for CO2 sequestration.

The Minister was impressed by the innovative technology and its potential applications in the maritime industry: "Marispace-X is of great importance to us in moving the maritime world forward." At the same time, Habeck asked what policymakers could do to support the maritime industry and further accelerate maritime digitalisation, which is urgently needed to combat the energy crisis and climate change.

April 19, 2023
Climate protection
Adrian Neumann