Data sovereignty for companies: How new business models are emerging with Gaia-X

Marispace-X featured in "Das Ohr am Netz" Gaia-X Podcast

Securely storing, exchanging and receiving data is a fundamental requirement for data-based business models of companies. However, what seems simple can be technically complex. For companies working with algorithms, platforms or Big Data applications with large volumes of data, collaborating with each other is technically challenging. That's why the European project Gaia-X wants to build a secure, sovereign and open data ecosystem in which companies can better cooperate with each other.

How data can be used optimally and what new business models can emerge from it is shown by the first funded use cases of Gaia-X, such as Marispace-X.

In this episode of the "Das Ohr am Netz" podcast by the Association of the Internet Industry, Sidonie Krug and Sven Oswald dive into the project with three interview partners:

  • Peter Kraemer, head of the Gaia-X Hub Germany, gives an update from the project.
  • Jann Wendt, coordinator of the funded project and CEO of, tells the podcast how Marispace-X uses data from the ocean and uses it to gain insights for climate protection, for example.
  • Emma Wehrwein from Gaia-X Federation Services explains how companies can use the Gaia-X tools.

Link to the Podcast (German)

October 25, 2022
Climate protection
Adrian Neumann