Marispace-X at INTERGEO Conference 2022

Keynote on The Future of Maritime Data in the European Federated Secure Data Infrastructure Gaia-X

The Future of Maritime Data in the European Federated Secure Data Infrastructure Gaia-X

The Marispace-X coordinator Jann Wendt presents at the world's No.1 Event for the Geospacial Community.

The future of our economy is driven by digital economy, a new way to build value on top of the existing physical ecosystem, products, and services, using data. This is achieved through the creation of Data Spaces, digital ecosystems that represent the physical or analogical ecosystem underlying them, through the collection and exchange of data across the multiple participants and organisations in the value chain.

Gaia-X is an initiative that develops a software framework of control and governance and implements a common set of policies and rules that can be applied to any existing cloud/ edge technology stack to obtain transparency, controllability, portability and interoperability across data and services. The framework is meant to be deployed on top of any existing cloud platform that decides to adhere to the Gaia-X standard.

There is enormous potential for digitalisation in the maritime domain: for data-based business models, new sensor technologies for marine research, more efficient energy generation on the high seas or approaches of using the oceans as CO2 storage. Data plays a key role in such projects. And the pressure on the data side is increasing: autonomous measuring systems, a multitude of maritime infrastructure projects and, recently, also cheaper satellite connections are leading to numerous data-driven challenges. In addition, cloud technologies have hardly found their way into the maritime domain.

Our modern information technology is also more suited to land-based applications. This is what currently makes it so difficult for us to extract targeted information from the large quantities of maritime data and to manage and share it efficiently.

Marispace-X as one central dataspace in the Gaia-X environment will create a digital maritime data space based on data sovereignty, security, interoperability and modularity of Gaia-X. It provides new ways in maritime big data processing and analysis of sensor data across Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing.

This talk is part of the session: "Remote Sensing & Sustainability"

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